National Network of Parent Carer Forums

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The National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) was launched in 2011, and is funded by central government.

We became a formally constituted Group in November 2013. The NNPCF membership is made up of Parent Carer Forums of which there is one in almost every local authority area in England. Each parent carer forum in receipt of the Department of Education participation grant is a member of the NNPCF.

The NNPCF are involved in a wide range of national groups. These are more fully described in our own progress report which was published in January 2013. It can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also now download a copy of our latest report for 2014 here.

Our strength is our shared experience

The function of the NNPCF is to develop cohesive good practice and effective participation and a solution focused approach at all levels, locally, regionally and nationally.

The aims of the NNPCF are:

  • to ensure that good practice, knowledge and shared expertise about parent participation continues to grow and strengthen.
  • to develop a cohesive and coherent structure to sustain and develop the effectiveness of parent carer forums across England.
  • to strengthen the pan disability, parent led model of local forums and
    boost our collective voice.